Toy Soldiers
by Norman Joplin

The heyday of toy soldiers as children's playthings began during the late nineteenth century, when they were manufactured in their thousands, and from then on production escalated.  Now they are valuable items, eagerly sought after by an ever-increasing number of adult collectors.

Whether you want to recapture nostalgic memories of childhood or are fascinated by the work of a particular manufacturer or by a certain type of soldier, Toy Soldiers is an indispensable tool in the hunt for few additions to your collection.  It covers all soldiers from the earliest solid figures to hollow-casts, compositions and plastic figures and comes right up to date with the new metal models.  All the major makes are included and there is a special section on dimestore figures from America.  In addition there are useful tips on how to focus a collection, where to look for new items, information on auctions and show and how to store and care for your treasured pieces.

Toy Soldiers is essential reading for both the would-be and established collector, arming you with the right knowledge to reconnoitre what is on offer, identify soldiers correctly, spot the copies and enhance your collection.




One Solid Figures
Two Hollow-cast Figures
Three Composition Figures
Four Dimestore Figures
Five Plastic Figures
Six New Toy Figures
Seven New Metal Models
Eight Other Materials
Nine Souvenirs and Memorabilia
Ten Collecting, Care and Storage
Eleven Toy Soldier Shows and Auctions
Further Reading
Societies and Clubs


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