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Old Toy Soldiers and Figures 1900-1939
Four Decades of Advertising

Old Toy Soldiers and Figures 1900-1939 - Four Decades of Advertising is a unique record of Toy Soldier advertising from the World War 1 and pre World War 2 Periods.

Privately published and complied by Norman Joplin and Philip Dean, it illustrates many advertisements never before available to Toy Soldier Collectors and is the result of over 40 years of research by Norman Joplin

The book also illustrates many individual rare single figures from the period and concentrates on over 30 manufacturers. Abel, Australian Hollowcasts, B.M.C, Chad Valley, Charterhouse, Cheerio Manufacturing Company, Crescent, EA Doran, Dunham White, CF Eckhardt, Exella, Faudel Phillips & Son, Fry, Erecto Toy Company, Godschalk, Hanks and Hanks Brothers and Sutton, A J Holladay, John Hill/Johillco, Kew, Laurie Hansen, Lord Roberts Workshop, Marlborough Manufacturing Company, Model Toys, Oliver Harper, Pixyland Manufacturing Company, Reka, Richards Art Company, Renvoize, Russell Manufacturing Company, Stoddarts, Wellington Toy Company, and G.W. Wood

While Britains are included to a certain extent the main focus is on the other makers of the period. Volume 2 which will be available in 2012 will concentrate solely on Britains advertisements

Note: this book is only available directly from the authors, it will not be offered by Amazon or via any cut price on line merchant.

Price including shipping & packaging within the USA is-
Soft Cover $79.95 included Priority Mail or
$77.82 including Flat rate Media Mail.
Hard Cover $89.95 including Priority Mail or
$87.82 including Flat rate Media Mail.

To order or for availability in UK, Europe or the rest of the world please contact-Norman Joplin.
Email info@normanjoplin.com or telephone 262-692-3913
(Office hours Monday - Friday 8 am- 5 pm central time)
Or write enclosing check to
Norman Joplin, 535 Fir Street, Fredonia, Wisconsin 53021

Britains New Toy Soldiers


Price $99.99 + $5 shipping within the USA, other countries shipping on application


The most comprehensive book on Civilian toy figures since the publication of The Great Book of Hollow Cast Figures 13 years ago.

384 pages 1500 ( One Thousand Five Hundred color photographs) covering over 70 different companies. Thematically arranged and documenting the seventy three year hollow cast production period. A sequel to Britains Civilian Toy Figures and an ideal companion volume.

Philip Dean was once again responsible for the superb photographs in the book and is co-author.

USA Orders:
The book is available directly from Norman Joplin in the USA, and countries outside of Europe Cost is $95 + $4.60 Media mail or $7.70 Priority mail
Payment should be by check and sent to Norman Joplin. 535 Fir Street, Fredonia, WI 53021.
For further information or mailing costs for countries outside the USA email info@normanjoplin.com or call 262 692 3913 or 262 707 8401

UK Orders:
To order the book directly from Philip Dean in the UK and Europe:
Send payment by check to Philip Dean, 18 Sandringham Close, Bournemouth BH9 3QP.

Cost in the UK is 79.50p (including mailing).
For mailing costs to Europe or further information Email philip@philipedean.com
Telephone 07880 716304

Britains Civilian Toy Figures

Norman Joplin has collaborated with Arnold Rolak, Philip Dean and Joe Kunzelmann to produce the most comprehensive book on Britains Civilian and non military lead figures.

The Research undertaken for this definitive reference work, has taken many years.

The book is hard backed, coffee table style. It has over eleven hundred color photos and covers all aspects of non military, civilian figures and vehicles manufactured by Britains Limited during the period 1880 to 1966.

Beginning with the Mechanical Toys of the 1880s the book traces the history of all subjects including: Farm, Zoo, Circus, Garden, Lilliput, Race horses, Scouts, Civilian Vehicles Hunt, etc.

Price $49.95 + $3.05 = $53.00 (mailing within the U.S.)

USA Orders:
Checks and money orders only. Make payable to:
Norman Joplin
535 Fir Street
Fredonia, WI 53021 USA

UK Orders:
E-mail co-author Philip Dean for more information:

American Dimestore Toy Soldiers and Figures

The first all color reference book on Dimestore Toy Soldier and Figure collecting, illustrates over 3,000 items in 240 pages with 600 color photographs covering Barclay, Manoil, Grey Iron and numerous other Dimestore Manufacturers Products. Joint authors Don Pielin and Verne Johnson.

Price $59.95 + $3.95 mailing within the U.S.

The Great Book of Hollow Cast Figures

Considered the definitive reference work on British Hollow Cast figures with the emphasis on Non Military and Civilian figures by Britains and over One hundred other companies. 590 color illustrations,340 pages showing 11,000 items.

Price $120 + $4.50 mailing within the U.S.

Toy Soldiers

A Basic Guide to collecting Toy Soldiers for the New or younger collector, includes tips on collecting and information on storage, display and general Toy Soldier information. 80 pages, 180 color illustrations showing 500 figures.

Price $12.95 + $2.95 mailing within the U. S.

Toy Soldiers Identifier

This is a reduced format issue of the Toy Soldier Book listed above. 80 pages 180 color illustrations and 500 figures.

Price $6.95 + $1.70 mailing within the U.S.

Toy Soldiers

This is the Collector's Corner edition of the Toy Soldiers Identifier book (see above).

Price $6.95 + $1.70 mailing within the U.S.
(limited quantities are available)

British Toy Figures

Norman Joplin's first ground breaking book on British Civilian and non military figures. 72 pages, 72 black and white plates, showing over 1000 items.

Price $16 + $2.95 mailing within the U.S.

The Norman Joplin Reference collection Auction catalog of Hollow Cast Figures and Toy Soldiers. Vectis Auctions 1998.

Features the Norman Joplin collection 96 pages, 800 color illustrations of over 11,000 items. Many not shown in The Great book of Hollow Cast Figures.

Price $32 + $3.95 mailing within the U.S.

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